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Carry me to Freedom
Amelia Marglon

There was a bird and a bee
Sitting way high up in the tree
And the bird wanted to know what
The bee had a stinger for
“One day I will give my life for you.”
Said the bee
And, uncomfortable, the bird didn’t ask anything more.

So the bird and the bee
Grew up and went to high school
And passed notes in class
And held hands under the table in study hall
And the bee wanted to know what
The bird had wings for
“One day I will carry you to freedom.”
Said the bird
And, uncomfortable, the bee didn’t ask anything more.

So the bird and the bee
Graduated and went to different colleges
And exchanged emails on weekends
And cards on birthdays
And the bird had a boyfriend named James
And the bee wanted to know
If James had a job
“He is a good man,”
Said the bird
And, disappointed, the bee stopped returning her calls.

So the bird and James
Got married and moved to the city
And they had a few kids
And James worked long hours
and drank away the hours he had left
And the bird wanted to know
What became of the bee,
So she took a train to her hometown
“I missed you,”
Said the bee
And, confused, the bird went home.

So James fought the bird,
Liquor glass half empty on the table,
And the bottle had bit him,
And the kids cried in their bedrooms
And the bird wanted to know
If this ever was going to end
“Make yourself useful, you bitch,”
Said James, thrusting the glass in her hand.

She dropped the glass.

He brought the pressure down,
Until the bird’s wings he broke
And without them she could fly no more,
And without them she was chained to the earth
Upon seeing this, the bee, stinger wielded, said
“My beautiful little bird, let me give my life for you,”
“He is a good man,” said the bird, and began
Cleaning up the pieces of broken glass.

Disappointed, the bee left the bird alone,
Knowing that only she
Could carry herself to freedom.
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lunastarshy Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
forbravery Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Student Writer
You know what wow is upside down right?
lunastarshy Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013
aaaaaaawwww MOM thats cause were awsome & someday you will be WOW too ( no rush !!!!!!! ) besides your already pretty awsome
forbravery Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2013  Student Writer
Lol no must have babies now!!! It's okay, Zeus already fills the place in my heart, but I've been really upset and depressed because I can't be with him.
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